Parents Suing Camp over One-Piece Bathing Suit Policy

Lake Huron, PA (July 13, 2021) – Camp Huron Lake and Director Marty Feldstein were both named in a lawsuit filed in Wayne County by Lysa and Seth Ackerman, parents of eighteen year-old CIT Myckynzy, claiming their daughter’s swimsuits are well within the camp’s one-piece bathing suit parameters.  The Ackermans are also seeking an injunction to temporarily overturn the camp’s decision to force Myckynzy to wear more conservative, child-friendly swim attire.

Since instituting a one-piece bathing suit policy geared toward allowing female campers to feel less self-conscious during co-ed swim in the summer of 2016, the camp has had its fair share of issues including the well-known Visiting Day incident of 2017 where Feldstein had to escort Destinee Horowitz, a bikini-clad step-mother off the property for violating the camp’s policy. 

“We’ve had our ups and downs with the bathing suit issue.  After 2017, we loosened the rules for Visiting Day but I had to pre-approve any bikini to ensure it is worn in a tasteful, non-arousing manner,” Feldstein noted, failing to mention that he has provided Mrs. Horowitz, now 34 and still in fantastic shape after some light out-patient cosmetic surgery, with a swimsuit personally selected by Marty, himself.  “The bathing suits Myckynzy wears technically are one-piece and cover a miniscule portion of her midriff but her mom has been sending them up in a 4.25” x 9.5” legal envelopes, so you can imagine how little they are.”

The Ackermans claim they are not looking for a monetary windfall from this frivolous lawsuit, but rather want their daughter to be able to strut around camp like a forty-five year-old Florida divorcee at the Boca Raton Polo Club if she so pleases. Mr. Ackerman, who has sued Disney World, Hershey Park, and Busch Gardens for not having a novelty license plate bearing Myckynzy’s name, has made it clear that according to the camp bylaws, even though none of their daughter’s bathing suits are designed for swimming, all are indeed only one piece.  They contend that Feldstein should have done his due diligence and accounted for various interpretations of the policy.

Ms. Ackerman has created quite a stir at the waterfront this summer.

Lifeguard Josh Stonestein has been the voice behind the megaphone on the shores of Lake Huron since 1985 and has seen a lot of changes in bathing suit styles since he became Waterfront Director in 2006.  “When I started out, the world was much more modest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for body positivity but several years ago when a 9 year-old girl from Westchester wore pasties and a thong to instructional swim, I figured it was time to have a talk with Marty.”

Although Stonestein has no formal legal training, he understands that the Ackermans’ suit is not without merit but is still confident that the camp’s attorneys will successfully defend the charges especially in light of Myckynzy’s latest act of defiance. “I think any rational person on a jury would agree that wearing only body paint instead of a one-piece bathing suit to go kayaking in the lake probably isn’t the best idea. I did find it odd that after she was done, pretty much all of boys side got out of the lake with their hands over their genitals.”

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  1. Love love love this. Just like I love all the other stories.

  2. Kipper Ackerman | July 13, 2021 at 4:45 pm | Reply

    These are great! I pray that you keep them coming. They are a breath of fresh air for so many camp directors and staff 🙂

  3. Really look forward to your articles. Everything is spot on the edge of reality.

  4. Your posts are the highlight of my week! Hank you for keeping us laughing!

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