Bikini-Clad Mother Kicked Out of Visiting Day for Bathing Suit Policy Violation

Huron Lake, PA (July 17, 2017) – Destinee Horowitz, 29, was unceremoniously  thrown off of camp grounds on Visiting Day for sporting a micro-bikini while kayaking in the lake with her husband and two step-children.  Mrs. Horowitz was warned several times by Director Marty Feldstein that the camp employs a “no bikini” policy and that failure to wear proper bathing attire would lead to her removal from the camp on the most anticipated day of the summer for both parents and children.

In recent years, many camps in the northeast have instituted a bathing suit policy for female campers to allow young women to focus on having fun, not what their fellow campers are wearing.  Additionally, camp owners are hesitant to post pictures of bikini-wearing campers for moral and social reasons.  Most camps allow a tankini which modestly covers one’s midsection but do not allow two-piece or one-piece swimsuits with sides cut out.

After enjoying a sushi lunch flown in from Osaka, Japan, Mrs. Horowitz, her husband Gilbert, 53, and his two children decided to enjoy some family time together on the lake by taking advantage of the various water sports Camp Huron Lake has to offer.  While Gilbert, a Wall Street executive, and his children put on their life vests, Mrs. Horowitz slowly stripped off her tank top and jean shorts to the delight of dozens of fathers and teenage boys who had quickly made their ways to the waterfront area.  Revealing a barely-there bikini, Horowitz then stretched out her long, lithe body with various toe touches and several over the head single leg lifts making it abundantly clear that not only was she in top physical form but she had also gone to her Brazilian spa only days prior.

As a swarm of gentlemen onlookers gathered, Destinee put her eight-inch pumps back on and gracefully strode across the small lake area, her tight, sun kissed skin glistening, but not before asking a father of a junior girl to apply sun block to her shoulders and back.  Mrs. Horowitz’s bathing suit top struggled to hold her 28th birthday gifts from her husband in place as she bent down to get into the kayak.  While most mothers were aghast at the sight of the part-time yoga instructor/SAT tutor in such an inappropriate swimsuit, men who had not swam in years suddenly sprung to life and appeared in their children’s undersized bathing suits ready for a quick dip in the algae-filled lake.

“Yes, her breasts are perfect.  Her stomach obviously has not felt the ravages of pregnancy.  Her behind barely moves when she walks,” Feldstein drooled, “And man, does she have legs…there’s no way she’s Jewish, is she?  What was I getting at?  Oh yeah, this is a family camp and she is clearly, although tastefully in my opinion, violating the camp swim suit policy.”

Feldstein, several of the camp security officers, the camp photographer, and a handful of fathers escorted her to the front gate where he politely declined her request for her towel and clothing still at the lake and asked her to remain off camp grounds until Visiting Day was over.  At least six of the men escorting Mrs. Horowitz decided they had seen enough of their children and stayed with her to ensure she did not feel left out as to not violate the camp’s anti-bullying policy.

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