Horowitz Stacks a Record 57th Consecutive Meal


Lake Huron, PA (July 14, 2020) – Jake Horowitz, the only camper at Camp Huron Lake this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stacked his fifty-seventh consecutive meal yesterday breaking a long-standing Dining Hall record dating back to 1941.  Since he sits with only two counselors at each meal and they claim to be exempt from the stacking game, it was inevitable that Horowitz would shatter the record and set a new mark that will be impossible to beat. 

Stacking meals has long been a tradition at sleepaway camp where one camper at the table will essentially have to clean up the table at the end of the meal.  Typically, the camper that “wins” the unenviable task of bussing his/her bunkmates’ dirty dishes is determined by one of several methods. 

The “Pig Game” which has many naming variations has been a favorite for decades.  This game involves the person who stacked the previous meal placing his/her pointer finger on the side or tip of the nose at some point during the meal.  The last person to place said finger onto one’s own nose becomes that meal’s stacker and next meal’s caller.  An alternative to this game involves an overhead clap instead of the finger on the nose.

Another popular method is the Freeze Game where a counselor calling “Freeze” then the first person to move loses.  Unfortunately for Horowitz this is the preferred game of his two counselor dining partners and since he is always the only participant, he has little to no chance to win.  In the game, the callers have been known to place utensils such as a spoon on a camper’s nose/head/ear or one strand of buttery spaghetti draped over a camper’s face in order to entice the slightest movement. 

First-year Camp America counselor Gareth Oakley seems to be thoroughly enjoying his time in the dining room.  “It’s brilliant.  The second I yell ‘Freeze’, Horowitz becomes a blank canvas for us to play with.  Yesterday I gave him a pudding mustache and beard and he stayed frozen for a good three minutes,” commented the staff member unaware that what was viewed as playful thirty years ago is now considered “bullying”.  “I think at breakfast tomorrow, I’ll pierce one of his nipples.  That’ll be good fun!”

The record is one of the most talked about and unattainable in the camping world.  In 1941, Super Senior boy Joe DiMaggiowitz established the modern mark by stacking 56 straight meals.  The closest anyone came to the hallowed mark was in 1978 when a scrappy, hard-headed, hairy-forearmed Inter boy, Pete Rosen, stacked for 44 straight meals.  Rosen was later banned from camp for life when, as a counselor, he was caught gambling on Intercamp Softball.   

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