Visiting Day: A Mother’s Short Memoir

A True Account from the Eyes of a Not So Crazy Mom

I’ve decided that Visiting Day Weekend is The Super Bowl and The Oscars wrapped into one.  Most exciting day sporting day of the year (We do run and we’ll tackle someone if they get in my way of seeing my kid, right? And it is Survival of the Fittest to get a good shady spot down by the lake) and THE top social media posting opportunity.

Camp moms (who shall not be named) and I also decided it should be “Hate Husband Day” #HHD. I legitimately saw almost every mom screaming at her husband. Myself included. Because to my darling husband – the 24 packed bags, 3 carefully wrapped baskets of needed stuff, perfectly ordered lunch request, 40 boxes of candy and thrice-daily shopping trips to prep for Visiting Day magically appeared in the car. No planning needed. Today is really my day with the kids, you’re just along for the ride. (I do love my husband. Today is a good day to forgive me for my behavior.) 

The author yelling at her husband in front of the tennis wall for not remembering to bring out bag #35 which contained stickers, Stan Smiths, and a backup lunch in case their camper did not like the first option.

It is also “spend more time taking pictures with your kids than actually talking to them Day” and “carefully edit those social media posts Day”. I did leave out the 30 pics of my younger son screaming and ruining the day. And the one out a thousand happy, loving camper family picture should also be used to remind your camper the 10 months out of the year that they dislike you that they truly loved and missed you for those 7 weeks away.

And lastly, it can be named “open your wallet again” day or simply “Deposit Day”. Because g-d forbid you don’t get your deposit in for next year – you “may lose your spot” (sure) and you won’t save your $300 dollars.  (Has any camper ever lost a spot for the next summer???  The camps will sleep two to a bed before they turn a kid away!) 

And what can possibly going on in the minds of locals/townies as they watch an endless caravan of luxury SUV’s and imported automobiles feverishly race to this fortressed camp that they’ve likely never realized is there?

Oh wait. Most importantly. A reminder that in 3 weeks they are back… summer is over… and the race to nowhere keeps going. 

But in the end… the experience, friendship, independence, and smiles are worth it all.

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