Heatwave Coverage: Camp to be Cooler than Home Over Weekend


National Weather Service (July 19, 2019) – With temperatures expecting to soar to near one hundred degrees, the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a statement that the weather during Visiting Day will be cooler at your child’s camp than it will be at your home.  While the Tri-State area should expect a hot and humid 99 degrees, the Poconos and Berkshires are expected to only reach 96 which will feel downright chilly compared to home.

Upon arriving at camp, you will feel a difference in the temperature so bring a shawl or light blanket so you are not shocked by the cooler weather.  Within a few minutes, your body will adjust to the more pleasant temperature.  If you are still hot in the cooler surroundings, the NWS has provided a list of tips for staying cool during the four hellishly hot hours you will be ignoring your child and thinking about sitting on a block of ice in Antarctica instead. 

Tips for Staying Cool on Visiting Day 2019

  • Let the other mothers do their sprinting.  Odds are that they’ll pass out before they get to the bunk and you’ll stroll right in and be the first parent.
  • Make sure to bring Grandparents.  They’ll help carry all the bags.  They love the heat.  Why do you think they all move to Florida?
  • Bring a mini-fridge and a portable generator so that when you’re really hot you can open it up for a cool breeze.  Plus the generator sound will drown out the conversation of the annoying family sitting next to you.
  • Drink as much coffee and soda as possible.  The caffeine will keep you awake enough to fight off the dehydration it causes.
  • Carry a round canteen with wool on the sides.  It will feel really good rubbing against your sweaty leg all day long.
This wool-sided canteen will is a must have in the heat.
  • Complain as much as you can to your kid and all the people around you.  They’re not dealing with the heat.  Only you are.
  • People love when you say, “Hot enough for you?” They’ll appreciate someone with a sense of humor and will probably offer you an ice pop or punch you in the face. 
  • Send your nanny/housekeeper/babysitter instead.  They probably have more of a relationship with your kids anyway.

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