Rosen v Wayne Landmark Ruling Overturned Allowing for Two-Piece Bathing Suits at Camp Huron Lake

Lake Huron, PA (July 1, 2022) – The overturning of a controversial fifty year-old court case has paved the way to giving Camp Huron Lake females the right to choose whether they wear one- or two-piece bathing suits effective immediately.  The executive camp committee made this near unanimous decision after pressure from parents and children stressing body positivity and acceptance.

In the summer of 1973, a fourteen year-old Super Senior boy, Paul “Ro” Rosen, successfully sued Wayne County and Camp Huron Lake after walking directly into the waterfront boathouse while ogling the off-duty girls side counselors sunbathing at the pool.  Rosen shattered the left side of his face, sustained a gash on his knee requiring fifteen stitches, and suffered a penile fracture after his erection struck a rock as he collapsed to the ground.  Led by council from the law firm of Silver, Stein & Silverstein, LLP, Rosen’s parents received an 18% discount on tuition for the summer of 1974 and gave each Wayne County camp the authority to require that all female campers wear a one-piece swim costume so as not to be a distraction to the other campers.

Unbeknownst to these two counselors in 1973, their bathing suit choices led to a male camper serious injuring himself leading to a landmark court case.

“If I want to wear a bikini when I go swimming with my friends, so be it.  If I don’t, I don’t.  Why should a bunch of octogenarians on the camp committee decide what I’m allowed to do?” commented Inter Girl counselor Magenta Zuckercorn.  “If any girl out there at a bathing suit restrictive Wayne County camp sees this, please come to Huron Lake instead of trying to illegally wear two pieces while trying to pass it off as one.”

There are obvious pros to the one-piece bathing suit rule such as girls feeling less self-conscious about their appearances in front of both their female peers and boy campers as well as allowing these young ladies to not have to feel like adults. Most leaders in the camping community believe that more important than those factors is giving these females the right to choose what’s most comfortable for them. 

The new ruling will take some time to get used to and since the camp has a “no packages” policy, campers will have to wait until Visiting Day to receive their two-piece suits.  In addition, Huron Lake will institute a policy forbidding any pictures to be taken of campers or counselors wearing bikinis or modified tankinis for the nightly photo drop.

“This is a good thing for everyone! For years I’ve been hoping the camp committee would overturn this ruling and am so glad it’s now a thing of the past,” commented Huron Lake Director Marty Feldstein. “Especially this summer when we have a tremendous number of just-turned-eighteen European staff who have inquired about sunbathing topless for a more overall natural-looking tan.”

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