Pre-Camp Questionnaire

Dear Parents,

The Directors of Camp Huron Lake constantly strive to provide your child with the finest camp experience in the Northeast. We take great pride in understanding your child and using this knowledge to create a summer like no other. Please take a few minutes of your time to fill out this very informal questionnaire.

Can’t wait to see your kids in a few short weeks!

Camper’s Name _________________________________ Division_____________

1. This summer I’d like my child to become more:
a. Independent
b. Confident
c. Self-Aware
d. Popular because it makes me feel better about myself

2. I’d like my child’s bunkmates to be:
a. The same as last year’s
b. Nicer than they were last year
c. Less sloppy than they were last year
d. Hand-picked by me to ensure my child sleeps next to the exact person he/she wants

3. When it comes to sports, my child:
a. Loves to play no matter the sport
b. Loves to be part of a team
c. Can only play if he has a personal coach for each sport
d. Will likely be the best since none of the non-Jews will be there

4. If my child is in a bad mood the best thing to do is:
a. Give him a ton of affection
b. Give him some room to work through it
c. Give him an uplifting pep talk
d. Give him back his iPhone

5. On Visiting Day I hope that:
a. Too much time together won’t make him homesick
b. I don’t embarrass him in front of his friends
c. We can spend time together doing all the activities he loves
d. My candy concoction/bunk gift is the talk of the camp

6. If my child gets sick, I’d like the camp to:
a. Call me immediately
b. Call me if it’s serious
c. Give him the prescribed medicine I sent up through Camp Meds
d. Not bother me since I’ll most likely be drunk/out of the country and won’t be of any use anyway

7. To resolve any conflicts in the bunk, the best way to handle my child is to:
a. Have him maturely talk through it with the other party in the dispute
b. Give him an ultimatum to resolve it or there will be consequences
c. Have him figure it out on his own
d. Consult with either of my two nannies. I don’t handle fighting in my house.

8. The best part of my child is his/her:
a. Selfless nature
b. Friendly demeanor
c. Playful manner
d. Deep blue eyes

9. With regards to clothing worn at camp, I’d like to see:
a. Uniforms to reduce pressure on children having to keep up with the latest fashion trends
b. Children expressing themselves through their personal styles
c. More options with the camp logo
d. Less pictures of scantily clad twelve to sixteen year old girls on the camp website

10. The thing I want most this summer is:
a. For my child to spend care-free, unplugged time with great friends
b. An experience in camp that will create a lifetime of memories for my child
c. For my child to try things out of his comfort zone and strive to become a better all around person
d. Just one fuckin’ letter home. Is that too much to ask for at eleven grand for seven weeks?

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