Parents Sent on Wild Goose Chase to Pick Up Crap for Camp Visiting Day

Livingston, NJ (July 12, 2018) – Local mother Ellen Klein figured that as her children matured their Visiting Day request lists would become much less intricate and  a lot simpler.  Unfortunately for her and thousands of camp moms in the Tri-State area, the Camp Visiting Day wish lists could make a shopping mall Santa run for the hills.  What used to be a sandwich from a favorite deli back home has turned into a nightmare of biblical proportions as mothers are forced to scour every store in a hundred mile radius for obscure food and gadgets to spoil their children for the five hours they will spend together on Visiting Day.

Klein, 45, whose children Jonathyn and Ylyssa attend Camp Huron Lake, has canvased most of New Jersey and a small portion of New York in search of dozens of ridiculous items her offspring have asked for.  After hitting The Camp Warehouse where she was able to secure the last Huron Lake graffiti sprayed sweatshirt along with several other assorted pieces of crap she did not realize her kids needed until she ran into mothers from another camp buying more crap for their own kids, she was off to The M&M Store in Manhattan to purchase green and white monogrammed pretzel M&M’s for Ylyssa and her bunkmates, then she made a quick trip to Target to get her son an extra pair of headphones and swim goggles, two one-piece bathing suits for her daughter, and three bags of Tostito’s Lime Chips for each of them.  When she returned home from the outing, she realized she had forgotten a three-pound bag of Skittles, a dozen plushies, four bags of chocolate Twizzlers, and a family-size box of Lucky Charms so it was off to ShopRite to grab those items and extra bags of Warheads and Starbursts.

While Visiting Day officially begins at 10:30 on Saturday, Klein’s and her husband, Greg’s day will begin around 4am as they will quickly shower then head over to Bagels R Us to pick up a dozen rainbow bagels, strawberry cream cheese, and a large decaf iced coffee with two sugars, one Splenda, a dash of half and half, and a “smidge” of French vanilla creamer for Ylyssa.  As if that was not enough, the couple then will make the forty-five minute trip back in to New York City to pick up their children’s favorite rolls at Yo, Yo, Yo Sushi which has special Visiting Day hours to accommodate the insane camp parents.

They then plan to stop by Sweet Ali Custom Confections to pick up their personalized chocolate-covered Oreos and Pop Tarts featuring each bunkmate’s name superimposed over the Camp Huron Lake logo.  Finally, they will make a quick pit stop on the way to camp to pick up the Bunk Gift from the parents to the campers because spending each day swimming, enjoying fun outdoor activities, and having a sleepover with twelve of your closest friends every night for seven weeks all to the tune of around ten grand apparently is not enough of a gift.  This year the girls in Ylyssa’s bunk will be outfitted in Gucci inspired velour bunk sweatsuits while the boys in Jonathyn’s group will take home Huron Lake basketball jerseys with an unlicensed Under Armor symbol adorning both the front and back.

Camp Huron Lake Director Marty Feldstein loves Visiting Day but knows that parents may go a tad overboard to please their children.  “Half of the shit parents bring up goes straight to the garbage.  The other half gets inhaled then vomited out either that night or the next morning.  Happens every summer.  Who am I to tell them what they can or can’t bring up on Visiting Day?  Oh wait, I’m the director.”

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