Parents Owe Children $880 in “Sibling Photo Fees” for Camp Pictures Taken Together

Jericho, NY (July 27, 2018) – The Silverstein’s summer just got a lot more expensive as they are now on the hook for a small fortune to their children for getting photographed together.  Bonnie and Josh Silverstein for years have begged Syydney, 12, and Ryyan, 10, both campers at Camp Huron Lake, to get a picture taken together by the camp photographer but their promise of ten bucks a photo have backfired to the tune of eight hundred and eighty dollars and counting.

“Sibling Photo Fees” are levies or bounties paid to campers by parents and, in some cases, grandparents, for a picture of two or more siblings who would normally not be photographed together.  Usually it involves a boy and a girl or two same sex sibs that have an age discrepancy of four or more years.   These fees can range from a single dollar per picture to fifty depending on the economic status and desperation of the parents.  It is not uncommon for siblings who attend brother/sister camps to receive close to one hundred dollars per picture due to the rarity of such a photo being taken and the even smaller likelihood of it being posted to one or both of the camp websites.  Depending on the family rules for sibling photo fees, different types of pictures such as arms around one another or faces/cheeks pressed together can also impact the price paid to each sibling.  However, many families including the Silversteins will pay for any picture containing both children no matter the situation.

To date, Syydney and Ryyan have been in forty-four pictures together compared to just one last summer to the sheer delight of their parents.  The siblings usually fight non-stop when home seem to have turned the corner this summer both maturing and appreciating one another according to the pictures posted.  “It’s a complete one-eighty from the school year and we couldn’t be more pleased,” remarked an obviously pleased but lighter in the wallet, Josh.

“I’ve really enjoyed the ‘money shots’ this summer.  I feel like a huge wave of pleasure is coming over me when I see those types of pictures,” Bonnie commented while Josh spit up his coffee several feet away.

Cha-ching! This enterprising sister just earned ten bucks each for jumping into this action photo.

Unbeknownst to their parents, the siblings have worked out a commission-based payment plan to three of the camp photographers to increase the odds of having a picture taken together.  Even after the 10% paid to the lensmen, the children will still take home a healthy profit after the seven week camp season.

“Every time I see someone holding a camera anywhere near my sister I make sure to get into the shot somehow…even if it’s a foot.  We really got lucky by being on the same team for Olympics in the first half of the year because there were at least ten team pics at Sing so technically we get paid $100 each, less commission obviously.  We’ll never make easier money than that,” commented Ryyan whose pic was being taken with his sister while a non-photographed camper was juggling swords on a unicycle only feet away.  “I think next summer my parents will have to work with their legal team to clear up some of the gray areas and loopholes Syyd and I found.”

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