Mother’s “Little Toy” Accidently Packed in Camp Trunk

Scarsdale, NY (June 28, 2018) – A mother’s worst nightmare came to life late last night as local mother, Carrie Scheftman, realized she mistakenly packed her favorite form of adult stimulation in her son Jake’s camp trunk instead of sending him up with his electric toothbrush. After a long, stressful day at the tennis club, Scheftman was looking forward to some relaxing “me time” only to find her nine year-old’s Oral B in its handy travel case in the storage bin under her bed. While searching frantically for her battery-powered marriage saver, she came to the unfortunate realization that not only will Jake be forced to brush his teeth manually with one of the four spares she packed, but she likely would have to wait three long weeks to be reunited with “Mr. V”.

Scheftman, whose children attend Camp Huron Lake, painstakingly questioned her nanny as to how the mix up could have possibly occurred. The nanny was unsure how she could have made such an egregious mistake while singlehandedly packing both of Scheftman’s children on top of feeding and tutoring each during the final weeks of school. She believes it occurred when she needed an extra storage bin for Scheftman’s daughter Wyllow’s bunk junk. “Mrs. S didn’t have time to go to Target to get an extra bin and the trunks were being picked up in only a few hours so I grabbed anything I could find. I guess the electric toothbrush and her toy that makes her make strange noises have a similar cases and I packed the wrong one.”

Jake’s travel case is very similar to the case his mother uses to store her favorite toy.

Although Scheftman has struggled without her favorite phallus, the Junior Boys of Bunk 14 have gotten a lot of use of the miss-packed appendage. Josh Weinberg, 10, has been using the massage wand on his stiff neck he has been waking up with as a result of sleeping with a fan directly on his face. “My neck has never felt better,” Josh commented. “The massager has three different speeds which are great depending on how sore my neck is and the rotating head provides deep penetrating muscle relief to my shoulders and back. I’m going to ask my mom to bring one of these up on Visiting Day, but I want a small blue one instead of an eight-inch purple one.”

Weinberg isn’t the only one enjoying it as the Junior Boys have found a plethora of uses for their new bunk toy. Two days ago, it was a baton in the annual track meet against Camp Wanna Wannabe and just yesterday they attached a drill bit to the top to screw together camper Marc Jacobson’s night stand. Jake Scheftman has become a favorite among his peers in the bunk. “My mom said there would be a surprise in my trunk when I got to camp but I thought it would just be a couple extra comic books. This shows how much she really does love me.”

Scheftman has taken the mistake in stride after a few days of panic. “Who knew an electric toothbrush had so many uses?!?” she moaned.

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