Last Dinners before Camp Clean Northeast Out of Sushi

Great Neck, NY (June 24, 2018) – All of Long Island and parts of New York City and New Jersey were completely wiped out of sushi this past weekend as thousands of children devoured their last tastes of raw eel, salmon, and tuna before heading out to sushi-less summer camps.  Local Japanese establishments have been scrambling to get back on their feet by offering specials on teriyaki dishes as well as dumplings but, according to many industry experts, business will take a sharp decline while restaurants eagerly await next week’s shipments.

An annual rite of passage, the “Last Supper” before going to sleepaway camp is typically a meal chosen by campers used to satiate their salivary cravings at least until visiting day.  Sushi was not the only food to be on low supply in the area.  This past weekend, red meat havens such as Burgeria and The Great American Steak Shack recorded their best two-day grosses since this weekend last summer as ravenous over-privileged children got their last taste of prime medium-cooked beef before settling for brownish-grey puck-like burgers reluctantly eaten in camp dining halls.

Local Plainview resident, Matt Leonard whose son and daughter attend Camp Huron Lake, was looking for a quiet, low-key night with his wife Becky before sending the kids off on Saturday.  Unfortunately for him, bringing in sushi from the nearby Stop N Shop was not an option as he was forced to brave the masses at hot spot Japan 120 in order for his children to get the proper culinary sendoff.  “All I wanted was to hang with the family and spend some quality time together before they left.  Next thing I know, I’m bouncing town around trying to get to a sushi place that had less than a two hour wait,” Leonard commented.  “I’m pretty sure 90% of Long Island’s Jewish population was there as well.  We finally ate at eleven and the only thing left was a sushi rice roll which is apparently just the seaweed and rice.  Nothing else,” continued the flabbergasted father, who dropped close to $160 on the starch-filled, fish-less meal.


The Leonard children enjoyed their last “sushi” meal for the next seven weeks.

The Japanese Eel Warehouse (JEW), one of the Northeast’s largest raw fish suppliers, is already preparing for third and fourth weekend Visiting Days as well as the end of the camp year by upping their inventory to near capacity.  Company spokesperson Takashi “Tony” Nakamoura has already let the restaurants he supplies know that his company will do anything they can to avoid repeating this year’s shortage.  “JEW will never let our patrons starve.  Now eat, please, you need to fatten up.  You’re so skinny.  We don’t need to eat, you eat!”

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