Midget Rec to be Renamed “Little Person” Center

 Lake Huron, PA (July 22, 2014) – Under pressure from various human rights groups and organizations, Camp Huron Lake has decided to finally change the name of its beloved yet politically incorrect Midget Rec to “The Little Person Center for Cinema and Losing Maccabean Games Banners” (LPCCLMGB).

In a press release from Camp Director Marty Feldstein: “The Midget Rec has been a part of the Huron Lake family for many years.  My son watched the Little Mermaid on VHS for the first time in that 30×10 room and a few summers after that, touched his first female breast while his best friend’s foot was only inches away from his face.  His artwork is also immortalized here when he had a hand in creating of one of the crappiest Mac banners ever as a Provost for the Forces of Gilbert Gottfried in 1998.  Although the final chapter to the Midget Rec is complete, I look forward to years of rainy day Club Snatch and decades old movies.”

Group Leader Jake Kapferberg: “There’s no way I’m asking for an evening activity at The Little Person Center for Cinema and Losing Maccabean Games Banners.  Oh well, I guess I’ll bring the boys to Hebe Hall.”


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