Mother Shows Love through Visiting Day Candy Monstrosity

Huron Lake, PA (July 19, 2014) She claims to love her daughter more than any mother has ever loved a child.  She says she misses her daughter more than what is humanly possible.  And because this love or the bond between parent and child or the heartache felt when missing a loved one cannot possibly be measured, Jenna Silverberg, for Visiting Day, brought daughter and first-year Camp Huron Lake Junior Girl Sami Silverberg of Scarsdale, New York a monstrous, horrific candy structure to quantify and prove to the families of Sami’s bunkmates just how strong her feelings are toward her

The plan was set in motion in early January as Silverberg partnered with local architect, James Baird as well as her nearby Costco in order to take advantage of bulk savings.  After rejecting several prototypes from Baird’s firm, Silverberg settled on a six-foot high titanium steel alloy structure that allowed for maximum candy placement and minimum added weight.  Additionally, the ginormous “Taj Mahal” of candy cakes featured seven hundred bags of Skittles that represent all the colors that her daughter likes, 13,500 Hershey kisses because that’s the approximate number of kisses she gives her daughter every week, and 16,000 pieces of Laffy Taffy since Sami loves to laugh when her mother isn’t constantly hovering over her.

The bottom tier of the cake was comprised of five hundred packs of Starbursts to help reinforce the upper tiers.  The mid tiers included over 100,000 M & M’s, 12,000 Air Heads, and 850 packs of Oreos. She and her husband, Saul, a doctor specializing in diabetes, even rented a special trailer to transport the ridiculous behemoth 6.2 million calorie atrocity.  “I love my Sami more than anything in the world so I wanted to make sure she knew I didn’t forget about her these past three weeks,” confessed Silverberg, “Other than sending her three to five letters a day, there’s no better way to show my love than to spend $17,000 on candy for her and her bunkmates that will get thrown away after a day and a half.”

The candy cake did not, however, fit into Sami’s Bunk 6 so it was placed on the Girls’ Side lawn where many younger siblings climbed all over it like a jungle gym.  Unfortunately, four year-old visitor, Jake Steinberg fell off tier 5 and sprained his wrist when he landed on a bed of Ring Pops while one grandfather broke a crown biting into a Jolly Rancher.

A rumor floating around the weekend festivities is that Camp Director Marty Feldstein will ban candy next Visiting Day.  Many of the camp parents have been scrambling to figure out what items to bring their children so they can outdo the other parents.

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