Horowitz Still Not in Any Pictures on Camp Website

Lake Huron, PA (July 21, 2020) – Jake Horowitz, despite being the only camper this summer at Camp Huron Lake, still has not been featured in any pictures through three weeks on the Camp Minder website.  Although there are typically 300-400 photos uploaded nightly, only a handful offer a glimpse of a person who may or may not be Jake.

Rachel Horowitz, Jake’s mother, has been frustratingly scrolling through the camp website three or four times a day to find pictures of her beloved son. 

“With our unique circumstance, I thought Jake would be in every picture.  Instead the pictures are filled with empty shots of the tennis courts, soccer fields, the flag pole.  The other day I saw a hand in the edge of the picture I could swear may have been Jake’s so I zoomed in but saw that the subject’s nails had been neatly cut so I know it couldn’t have been his,” complained Mrs. Horowitz who has yet to change back to her maiden name following a bitter divorce battle with Jake’s dad, Gilbert and new wife, Destinee. “If I see one more picture of a headless kid playing a sport, I’m going to lose my mind.”

Mrs. Horowitz was pleased to note that at least this summer Marty Feldstein’s fourteen year-old niece doesn’t appear to be in every picture.

The camp photographer captured a beautiful picture of a basketball shot by someone who may or may not be Jake Horowitz.

Camp Huron Lake’s director Marty Feldstein has noted he is very proud of his camp’s interaction with parents by posting pictures daily through the Camp Minder Website.   Feldstein noted, “When I started in the industry, we would take one bunk shot to send home at the end of the summer.  That seemed to satisfy parents.  Now we have to post a portfolio of high definition, action packed shots every day of only smiling kids.  And the pictures can’t show the aftereffects of a rat towel snap, a purple nurple, or a dead arm.  That’s a tough job for our photography staff.”

Bafflingly, there have been several dozen pictures of children who do not actually attend the camp which Mrs. Horowitz believes may be stock photos.  “Marty keeps telling me he can’t play favorites when it comes to how many pictures a child gets in.  He says he’s just being fair,” Jake’s confused mother added.

The photography staff has defended their decision to exclude Jake from the pictures so far this summer by noting that “he’s not very photogenic” and “he hasn’t done anything really worthy of taking up precious digital space on their cameras.”

Horowitz’s tycoon father and step-mother have yet look for picture of him this summer since neither are even sure what camp Jake is attending.

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