Family Finally Receives Letter from Son at Camp

Merrick, NY (Aug 1, 2013) – After six and a half weeks of lonely, desperate walks from her house to her mailbox and back, Meryl Ginsburg, 41, has finally gotten some form of correspondence from her son, Jake, 10, a camper at Camp Huron Lake.   Postmarked July 25th, the post card provided the great detail about Jake’s summer that Meryl and her husband Jason have longed for over the past month and a half.

Upon opening up the mailbox and sifting through a stack of catalogs, bills, and solicitations, Ginsburg burst into tears at the sight of Jake’s postcard.  As she cried her way up the driveway, whispering “Thank you, G-d” repeatedly to herself, all the other mail unknowingly dropped to the ground around her creating a long papery trail to the garage door.

Receiving the 3×5 card, the glossy side emblazoned with the word “CAMP” in a rainbow of colors along with a pre-labeled address, was an unbelievable relief to the Ginsburgs who could only go by the camp website pictures to see if Jake was having a good time.  Once in the house, Mrs. Ginsburg excitedly called her husband at work.  “WE GOT A POSTCARD FROM JAKE!!! I HAVE TO READ IT TO YOU!!!”  Jason, a local neurosurgeon, immediately bolted out of a carotid artery endarterectomy to take the call in his office.

Meryl went on, “For the checkbox, Camp is… he chose ‘Good’!”  Isn’t that amazing!  For the next one he said the kids in his bunk are ‘Nice’!!!!!!”  Oh my god, it’s like I’m there with him!!  For the third line, he checked that the food is ‘OK’!!!!  Wait a sec…that may just be a smudge from the postal transfer process…no,’s ‘OK’!  I knew it!!! The last line he filled in that his favorite thing to do is ‘Stuff’!  That is SOOOO Jake.  Isn’t this amazing, Jason?  It would have been nice if he’d have signed his name but, hey, I’ll take it!”

After the near one-sided conversation, Mrs. Ginsburg read the letter several more times before calling her mother to share the wonderful news.  “We just got a postcard from Jake.  He said everything is either good or ok.  He’s so expressive with his vocabulary!  I’m signing him up for Creative Writing Enrichment this year.”  Jake’s Grandmother, Shirley Weintraub, was equally excited, “I knew my little Jakey was going to be a regular Mark Twain or better yet, a Shel Silverstein!”

The moment the phone call ended, Mrs. Ginsburg ran out of the house to her local Hallmark store to buy more stationery to send to Jake.  “He’s probably running out, my little writer!”

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