Day Camp GaGa Phenom Announces Sleep Away Decision for Summer of 2016

(Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)

Syosset, NY (May 16, 2016) – After months of growing anticipation, Whining Willow alum LeBrian Jamesberg, winner of last summer’s Nassau/Suffolk U10 GaGa Day Camp Championship, announced yesterday that he will be attending Camp Huron Lake for the upcoming summer. Surrounded by family, friends, and his spiritual advisor, Rabbi Hirschel Borowitz, Jamesberg proudly told the group of camp directors and camp clothing outfitters in attendance at the Plainview Jewish Community Center that he will be leaving home to go to the shores of Huron Lake on June 25th to fulfill his lifelong dream of winning a Wayne County Pennsylvania GaGa Championship.

GaGa, a “sport” invented by Jews strictly for Jews, requires players to slap a ball at or below their opponents’ knees in order to eliminate them from the game. LeBrian, gifted with unusually long arms and a snake-like spine, is the prototypical GaGa specimen. Although he is an absolute train wreck on a baseball field or basketball court, his gangly, awkward build allows him to excel within the confines of the octagonal GaGa pit.

“I’ll be taking my talents to Camp Huron Lake to join their Inter Division in hopes of winning a GaGa Championship on the biggest stage in the world. I feel like going to Huron Lake is going to give me the best opportunity to win and to win for multiple years, and not only just to win in Color War or Olympics or just to win five games in a row during Free Play, I want to be able to win multiple Intercamp Championships and County Tournaments. And I feel like I can compete up there,” Jamesberg started out.

When asked about joining a camp that already has a GaGa superstar in David Wade Goldstein, LeBrian understood the sacrifice they both would have to make. “This is D Wade’s GaGa team so the fact that he’s willing to make the sacrifice to have me here means a lot. We met up a few times at his home in Marlboro to discuss sleeping next to each other in Bunk 25 so we can really get a better understanding of how we mentally and physically approach the game.”

The decision had weighed heavily on LeBrian for months as he agonized over the response from his friends and counselors at Whining Willow Day Camp who feel abandoned by his departure. “You’re going to have the real friends who love me for who I am. For me being from Syosset, and loving Syosset, it’s always home for me. I’m still going to live there, always be home. And Syosset is always home for me,” he explained.

When asked by reporters how many GaGa championships he expects to win at Camp Huron Lake, Jamesberg exclaimed, “Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…” then whispered to his mother, “I hope I don’t have to go back to Whining Willow because I’m homesick.”

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