Kids Coming Home, Parents Excited for Carpooling, Homework, Filthy Homes

Livingston, NJ (August 14, 2015) – Parents of returning sleepaway campers in the tri-state area are giddy in excitement at the thought of their children being home after seven fun-filled weeks away. Stress-free days at home followed by romantic evenings under a star-filled sky will quickly give way to organizing play dates, doing their kids’ dioramas, and cleaning up a trail of filth that only a child can create.

The second the children get off the buses at local malls, shopping centers, and high schools, it’s back to business for all parents as they will desperately but happily try to fill the time from the end of camp to the beginning of the school year.

“I was getting a bit tired from eating well, being in great shape, and having my cleaning lady come only once every four weeks,” commented mother of two campers at Camp Huron Lake, Julie Hurwitz, 43, of Livingston, NJ, “I really miss having to chauffeur my kids around town all afternoon then attempt to help them with the ‘new’ math that I need to learn Mandarin Chinese to figure out. It’s been boring this summer.”

A mother helps her award-winning child with his math homework

A mother helps her award-winning child with his math homework

Jenna Weisenberg, shopping at the Short Hills Mall with Hurwitz continued. “I cannot wait to have to scramble for a babysitter at the last second on a Saturday night or fight with the horribly hung over dad at my daughter’s pee wee soccer game who’s yelling at my kid for letting up a goal that (US Soccer Goalkeeper) Tim Howard couldn’t have saved. I’ve frankly missed that.”

In addition to all the exhilarating chores that await, parents are also looking forward to playing psychologist to their children who have been surrounded by friends and over stimulated for the past seven weeks as they return to the mundane reality that is their home life. Often, re-entry into the real world creates rifts between parents and children as parents cannot accommodate the types of activities and 24/7 playdates that camp provides. “I love when my 12 year-old daughter, Jyrdyn, comes home, sulks around the house, finally emerges from her room after six or seven hours then asks me what the evening activity is. It’s like our thing. I can’t wait,” an obviously eager Hurwitz offered.

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