Couple Pursues Help with “Sexpectations” for Child-Free Summer

Marlboro, NJ (June 24) – After the sexual debacle that was last summer, area residents Jennifer and Marc Fishman are approaching the upcoming child-free seven weeks with tempered expectations for their love making.   The Fishmans, parents of Camp Huron Lakers Jake, 14, and Hanna, 10, are looking to get their adult relations back on track to what both had expected when marrying sixteen years ago.

Determined not to let their precious alone time go to waste, Jennifer, 44, and Marc, 45, have been seeing sexual therapist/mediator, Dr. Joy Gelman, for the past several weeks to speak openly and negotiate with one another in terms of what each party is looking for in the bedroom while the kids are away.  Dr. Gelman specializes in making couples commit to sharing satisfying, relationship-building sexual experiences through legally-binding documentation.

During the first few sessions, Marc requested sex twice a week on non-menstrual weeks along with oral sex on his birthday in July.  Jennifer who has strategically timed her menstrual cycle to coincide with weeks two and six called her husband’s bluff knowing there would be no way he’d be able to perform more than once a week.  “I figured week 1 with the kids away I’d use the excuse that I’m too worried about them to think about sexual relations, then week 2 I’d have my period, week 3 would be nerves again leading up to visiting day.  Marc’s birthday is right at the end of week 4/beginning of week 5 so we’ll have sex that should cover both weeks. No chance for a bj, though. Week 6 I’m back on my period then I’ll have to get the house ready for the kids during week 7.  Pretty much he’s getting sex on his birthday,” explained Jennifer.

Marc, with the help of Dr. Berman negotiating skills, countered his wife with birthday sex along with a hand job every other week and one night of role play where Jen would be his spoiled non-working wife.   Realizing the role play wouldn’t be much of an acting stretch for her, she happily agreed to roll that request into their sex night on his birthday.

Dr. Berman, a recent third time divorcee and jdate enthusiast, helps dozens of couples who struggle with their newfound freedom while their kids are at summer camp.  “It’s common for couples to think that they’ll be like hormonally super-charged teenagers the second the kids get on the bus at the mall parking lot but they couldn’t be more wrong.  The females usually are worried whether they packed enough in the two 800 lb. capacity duffel bags and the males are berated by their wives for not caring enough about what was packed.  The tension really negatively impacts their sexual cravings,” conceded Dr. Berman.

Jennifer and Marc are equally pleased with their mediation time with Dr. Berman whose sessions are covered under Marc’s PPO.  After their unrealistic expectations of orgy-like sex on a nightly basis last summer, they can now look forward to a less stressful and more relaxing time away from the kids.

An ecstatic Jennifer exclaimed, “I’m thrilled with the results from our work with Dr. Berman.  Sex one time and two handjobs all summer…are you joking? I can do that with my eyes closed, wait.. I actually do do that with my eyes closed!”

“Man, I only have to have sex with my wife once this summer?  Seven weeks of masturbation, here I come…not cum, as in the “cum” cum and obviously not right now,” said an equally revved up Marc racing to find his iPad to take to the bathroom for some alone time.


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