Camp Entertainer Ron Dagan Sued for Slander After Telling Every Camp They’re His Favorite

Lake Huron, PA (July 8, 2022) – Beloved camp singer/songwriter Ron Dagan unfortunately has been taught a new word today: Lawsuit.  After decades of proclaiming that each camp he is performing at is his favorite camp in the world, his lies and deceit have finally caught up with him.

Led by Camp Huron Lake Director Marty Feldstein, the acoustic guitar summer sensation has been slapped with a class action slander lawsuit brought on by hundreds of camps in the northeast United States. It is unknown if the camps are looking for a monetary settlement but the lead legal counsel of Goldberg, Goldstein, & Goldfarb have been known to fiscally cripple defendants in these types of cases.

The lawsuit was apparently brought on after a meeting among Feldstein and several other camp directors at the National Summer Camp Convention in Boca Raton this past winter.  After discussing their shared love of Dagan, whose conveniently rhyming name allows campers of all ages to chant his name like raging lunatics, the directors all claimed their camps to be Dagan’s favorite place to play.  When Feldstein directly quoted Dagan as saying, “This camp is by far my favorite camp on earth!!!” the other directors felt a gut punch worse than finding out a spouse is cheating.

“He betrayed our trust.  For years we’ve been giving tours to prospective campers pretty much lying to their faces that our camp is his favorite camp in the world, all based on Dagan’s proclamation,” a teary-eyed Feldstein commented, shaking his head in disgust. “I’m furious. Next time he calls, I’m going to tell him the new job’s a hassle and the camp has the flu but it’s been sure nice talking to you, Ron. It’s been sure nice talking to you.”

This is not the first controversy Dagan has been a part of since he began touring. While nearly ending the Arab-Israel conflict in 1993 by teaching a generation of Jewish campers that “Peace” in Arabic is “Salam” was an incredible moment in Middle East history, years later he bankrupted one part of the cured deli meats industry when thousands of those campers became adults and were unable to look at a Hebrew National salami without saying, “Not Salami!” confusing deli employees throughout the country and leaving thousands of tons of salamis unsold.

Not salami!!!

This represents a tremendous fall from grace for Dagan who, for countless summers, was the “go to” entertainment the night before Visiting Day to wipe the minds clean of the campers who had a really crappy first halves of the summer.  Long gone are the days of bed sheets being used to created makeshift concert signs and plain white t-shirts earmarked for tie-dying being used to spell out Dagan’s name.  It will likely be some time before Dagan hears the chant of “Ron Dagan, Ron Ron Dagan” screamed by hundreds of unruly campers and counselors.

“He’s a lying scumbag. I’ll tell you one thing, the Hammer of Justice better come down damn hard on this son of a bitch.  His next concert better be behind bars,” eight year-old Huron Lake camper Mychylle Bornstein said referring to concert staple “If I Had a Hammer” originally sung by American folk pop trio Peter, Paul, and Mary.

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