Camp Director’s Daughter Wins Every Award Throughout Entire Summer Again

Lake Huron, PA (August 11, 2022) – Fifteen year-old Maddicyn Feldstein has, for the seventh straight summer, won every award, honor, and contest Camp Huron Lake has to offer.  A non-descript young lady who spends most of her time making partially finished lanyard projects by her lonesome, Feldstein embodies everything that’s great about camp according to her father, Camp Huron Lake Director Marty Feldstein.

After winning Camper of the Week for weeks 1 and 2, the Maddicyn was named Teen Camper Captain for both teams during the three-day Olympics competition then followed up those accolades with Camper of the Week wins for the two weeks leading up to Visiting Day.  Despite her father claiming it was merely a coincidence, the aspiring thespian whose most recent acting performance was the role of a yellow brick in a second grade production of The Wizard of Oz was given the lead role in the specially adapted Andrew Lloyd Webber play “Maddicyn and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

The second half of the summer was more of the same as the camping scion took home MVP honors from the CHL Intercamp Soccer Tournament for filling up the water cooler so her teammates stayed hydrated in the 95 degree heat. When folk singer and camp legend Ron Dagan performed Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in Dark” he somehow, in a sea of screaming campers, chose Maddicyn to pull up on stage to recreate The Boss’s and Courtney Cox’s iconic dance.

Maddicyn and Ron Dagan dancing on the stage of the Camp Huron Lake Performing Arts Center.

The Teen Camper of the Year award was neck and neck between Maddicyn and lifelong camper Jenna Bregman. Bregman spearheaded an effort to rebuild Bunk 18 which had fallen into disrepair over the last few summers, tutored several of her fellow campers in algebra and geometry, and had a “Date Night” with a severely homesick Junior Boy every Tuesday night during Free Play. Although Bregman also won the Color War Triathlon and designed and painted the winning banner in a French impressionist style, her bunkmates didn’t believe she still did enough to unseat Feldstein.

“I appreciate the fact that Bregman performed a tracheotomy using a dining room knife and coffee straw on me when I was choking on a kosher pork wonton and probably saved my life, but at the end of the day she just isn’t Marty’s daughter,” rationalized Hyllyry Needleman whose neck showed little to no scarring as a result of Bregman’s meticulous needlework, “Plus, this is first year Maddicyn wasn’t homesick.”

The only competition Feldstein didn’t win this summer was the bunk plaque contest which awards first, second and third place prizes to the bunks which create the most creative plaque which will hang on the bunk walls for eternity. Although she handed in a plaque with a piece of paper taped on with the names of each girl printed out, the bunk unsurprisingly took home the third place prize which turned out to be a weekend at Hershey Park while the first and second place bunks were awarded unused 2020 Camp Huron Lake shirts and leftover glow sticks from the previous night’s evening activity.

“I’m so proud of my daughter!” remarked Marty.

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