Camp Director Offers Parents Simple Solution to Camp Trucking Debacle

Lake Huron, PA (August 3, 2023) – As word spread through the sleepaway camp community yesterday afternoon that trunk delivery service Camp Trucking will cease operations immediately, camp directors were forced to scramble to figure out how, in fact, they will be returning their campers’ belongings in a little over one short week. After fielding hundreds of calls from furious parents, Camp Huron Lake Director Marty Feldstein and his camp administration held an emergency meeting that lasted well into the morning hours to rectify the situation in a financially responsible manner.

At approximately 4 a.m. this morning, as Feldstein got off the phone with what seemed like the millionth parent who could not imagine how their child would be able to live without certain items of clothing or a special pair of overpriced designer sneakers, the long-time director had his “Eureka!” moment.  Because of the ridiculous overreaction on the part of nearly every parent he spoke to, Feldstein decided that instead of sending the campers home on the air-conditioned coach buses, he would send each child’s trunks in their place since the trunks seemed to be a much bigger priority to the parents than actually seeing their kids. 

In order to get the kids home, Feldstein is offering parents several cost-effective packages to choose from to offset the hundreds of dollars spent for the trucking service. “Our camp community has been burned pretty badly and I don’t want these parents shelling out a substantial amount of money to get their kids home,” Feldstein explained, “I ran the numbers and it was much cheaper to send the kids home using FedEx or UPS than their trunks.  The average camper weighs around 85-90 pounds so the cost will be waaaay cheaper than sending two duffels at 75 pounds apiece. If I send the kids using Ground delivery instead of Next Day Air, the savings really kick in and they should arrive at home in 5-7 business days.” Feldstein is also offering parents the option to pay out of pocket for Overnight Delivery in cases like Florida where children start school immediately following camp’s end. 

Boca Raton parent of three Huron Lake campers, Jon Kaufman, seemed to be fairly pleased with Feldstein’s quick thinking and flexible solution, “I think this is the best possible outcome.  We’ll get the kids’ stuff back so we can start with the laundry ASAP and, I’m not going to lie, it’ll be nice to have 5-7 business days of extra quiet time, just the wifey and me. Gotta hand it to Feldstein. The guy can figure things out, like when the fireworks company showed up three days late, he had a 7th of July Extravaganza. And my kids go to public school so they don’t know the difference.”

Feldstein and representatives from the local FedEx and UPS branches are planning to meet later today to discuss logistics such as assigning campers tracking numbers so parents can follow the status of their children as they make their way through the regional distribution center then to the local staging areas then ultimately get an approximation as to when during the day their child will be delivered home and placed against the garage door.

“There’s nothing like seeing the joy and excitement in a parent’s eyes as they get back their kid’s trunks filled with all the crap they paid good money for.  It’ll be a huge weight lifted off me when those precious overstuffed bags finally make it home safe and sound,” Feldstein commented.

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