Camp Couple Engaged in Serious Relationship From Flag Pole to Dining Room

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Lake Huron, PA (August 2, 2022) – The whirlwind romance between Camp Huron Lake senior campers Dylan Lipschitz and Doug Kleinstein was hot and heavy for the first half of the walk from the flag pole to the dining room but ultimately couldn’t sustain the intensity as the couple broke up just steps before entering the dining room. A spokesperson for the couple, Kleinstein’s bunkmate Isaac Isaacson, released a statement that the couple will remain friends and asked that other campers respect their privacy.

Throughout the afternoon, rumors swirled concerning the newly minted/quickly parted lovebirds so much so they were already given a celebrity couple nickname of “Dyldo”.  As the flag lowered, the two fourteen year-olds made their ways toward one another and, according to witnesses, Doug asked Dylan to be his girlfriend and she responded with an emphatic head nod signifying six weeks of anticipation of this moment. After grabbing her hand then silently praying his quickly-growing erection would subside, he made light banter with one of the odds on favorites for Senior Girls Color War camper captain.

As they passed the main office and health center, sources walking directly behind them noticed a shift in body language and the relationship dynamic after they heard Doug ask Dylan to play tennis during Free Play that evening. “All day my friends and I were planning on walking aimlessly around the camp after dinner and I felt he was putting a ton of pressure on me to choose him over my friends. I knew then that I wanted to see other people and it was time to go our separate ways,” Dylan explained. “He was an incredible boyfriend for that minute and forty-seven seconds.  He showed me what it is to love someone unconditionally and for that, I’ll never forget, Dan…no, Doug. I was right the first time. The last thing he said to me was ‘Enjoy the Kosher Chinese food tonight’.”

Camp relationship experts married couple Sid and Syd Goldfine warn young teens not to underestimate how meaningful the bond is between a couple that stayed together as long as Dylan and Doug lasted.  In today’s Covid-stricken camp atmosphere, dating for even a minute in the camp bubble equates to two months in the outside world.  “This is a perfect example illustrating the intensity of a camp romance. That initial euphoria and excitement of a new relationship in the first twenty steps, then the lull when neither said anything, followed by Doug asking to hang out during Free Play, then ultimately the break up,” commented Sid. “They were a couple everyone wanted to be like but until you walk in their shoes, or in her case, Hunter boots since it was muddy, you can’t begin to grasp the emotional roller coaster these two experienced over that minute and three quarters. They’ll take these lessons with them for the rest of their lives.”

Doug is no stranger to long relationships.  In sixth grade at Marlboro Middle School he dated Lyndsey DeFelice for nearly nine months despite never seeing each other outside of school and corresponding only through text messages.

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