Parents Surprise Daughter with Chocolate Covered Puppy on Visiting Day

Huron Lake, PA (July 20, 2017) – Two summers ago it was a towering mountain of candy. Last summer she coated her daughter’s bunk in semi-sweet Belgian chocolate, M&M’s and Rice Krispies. Neither show of psychotic love was enough to satisfy Brooklin Levinson, now a thirteen year-old Super Senior, or her bunkmates at Camp Huron Lake so this Visiting Day, her mother, Jenna Levinson, has taken “crazy” to a entirely new level.

After failing to receive the acclaim she felt the chocolate-covered bunk deserved, Levinson, 42, had worked tirelessly this past winter to ensure her place in Visiting Day history. Levinson proudly strode into Huron Lake with a chocolate and candy covered Maltise puppy, the product of countless hours of focus group meetings and laboratory tests. As the once white puff of fur, now a velvety chocolate brown, took mini steps toward her new owner’s bunk, Levinson swelled with pride while giving several other parents the middle finger.

“Now try to outdo me,” preened Levinson echoing last summer’s sentiments, “Chocolate and a puppy… no chance any kid will be happier than mine. I win, losers.”

The puppy, named ‘Chai Latte’ after Brooklin’s favorite Starbucks beverage since she was an infant, was adorned in a specially formulated blend of non-stick chocolate which adhered to the puppy’s soft fur while still allowing the dog to the ability to freely move about and to easily be bitten off by the ravenous campers without damaging her outer coat. In addition to the chocolate coating, Levinson left a medium-sized circle on each side of the puppy’s ribs where a local dog groomer was able to shave in the Camp Huron Lake logo. Levinson left no stone unturned by ensuring that the puppy would be accepted on camp grounds by purchasing a female dog in order to follow the camp’s “No Nuts” policy.

Brooklin and her bunkmates took turns gnawing the puppy as both campers and canine squealed in delight. “This is the greatest Visiting Day gift ever!” exclaimed Brooklin as she licked a pocket of chocolate between the dog’s front left leg and neck. “Man, that’s some really tasty puppy.  Thanks for showing everyone how much you love me, Mom.”

The young lady’s excitement came to a screeching halt when Rachyl Litman’s mom entered the bunk with her six-month old brother Jayke who was wearing a dog costume and sunglasses.

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