Wednesday Camp Send Off Equals Tuesday Night Bonanza for Local Restaurants


Jericho, NY (June 27, 2019) – The Tri-State Restaurant Owners Association reported an average 1,250% increase in sales versus the same date last year due to a massive influx of Jewish families enjoying their last dinners together before the children go off to camp.  Typically, Tuesday nights are relatively quiet at most local eateries, but there were lines out the door at most steakhouses and Asian restaurants.

Although most believe the start of camp was delayed due to the New York State Regents examinations, industry experts point to the Restaurant Association lobbying for camps to open on a non-weekend day to generate an additional Saturday night crowd.  Association President and owner of Matilda’s Asian Fusion, famous for its sushi wrapped in Canadian bacon covered in dark chocolate, Lenny Matthews knows the mid-week sendoff was a huge win for eating establishments in the area.

“We’ve been begging the camp owners to start on a weekday so we can get another huge seating, but they’ve always turned us down.  Finally, I explained that by starting on a Wednesday, they can trick parents into ending camp a day or two early so they’ll save a fortune by eliminating food service for three to six meals,” explained Matthews.  “Once I did the math, it was an easy sell.  We hope to do the same for years to come.”

Despite sales skyrocketing for Matthews and his restaurant coalition, further analysis of the numbers revealed that although sales were strong, profits were only modest due to the fact that opportunistic diners were finally able to use coupons and Entertainment Book offers redeemable only between Sunday and Thursday.  Additionally, several restauranteurs reported a significant number of meals sent back to the kitchen for reasons such as “I don’t like it but why such a small portion?”, “I asked for dressing on the side”, and “Can you reheat it? I was on my phone ignoring my kids.”

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