Pandemic Robs Camp Mom of Long-Overdue Visiting Day Sprint Victory

Lake Huron, PA (July 31, 2020) – Camp Huron Lake mom, Lisa Silverberg-Goldberg, 49, has been telling anyone who will listen that she “totally gets” how the U.S. Olympians are feeling this week, as they would have been competing in Tokyo right now if Covid-19 had not postponed the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Silverberg-Goldberg was heavily favored to win Camp Huron Lake’s Visiting Day Sprint to the bunks.

Known as the “Michelle Kwan of Visiting Day,” the mother of four has been a serious contender in this annual race since her oldest, Camrynne, was a second-year junior girl in 2009. Like Kwan who went to the Olympics for figure skating twice but never won gold, victory has eluded Silverberg-Goldberg each and every summer. 

“I’ve run local 5Ks and a few triathlons but my true passion is elbowing my way through a crowd of equally fit and toned parents while carrying a tray of candy sushi and 16 tasteful bunk gifts,” said the Milburn, NJ mother. 

While some people call this annual event “The Running of the Jews,” Silverberg-Goldberg has recently lobbied for a name change in this more culturally sensitive time. “I think ‘Visiting Day Sprint’ is more politically correct,” Silverberg-Goldberg explains. “I know for a fact all the participants do not identify as Jewish, particularly my dear friend Christina Ann Donaghy-Goldenblatt, who is planning a Christmas-themed Bar Mitzvah for December 2023.” 

Silverberg-Goldberg just missed winning this event in 2017 when Super Senior boy Josh Schwartz’s dad David brought his then-fiance, Allyson Felix, the only female track and field athlete to ever win six Olympic gold medals, to Visiting Day. “She was definitely a ringer.  There’s no way David Schwartz could have ever gotten anyone that hot to marry him. Have you seen his dad-bod?” Silverberg-Goldberg said forgetting that dad-bods are considered very attractive to a majority of the female population.

Silverberg-Goldberg really stepped up her training months before the pandemic threatened the 2020 camp season. She had recently become gluten-free and dairy-free in addition to being a 10-year pesca-pescaterian (eating only fish that eat other fish). After New Jersey shut down in March, she had daily personal training sessions via Zoom with her favorite Orange Theory instructor, Mindee B. “I was really in the (orange) zone,” said Silverberg-Goldberg, who averaged a ridiculous 58 splat points per hour session.

When asked for comment, Camp Huron Lake Director Marty Feldstein said his heart breaks for Silverberg-Goldberg, who he feels is not only a true competitor, but also one of the MILF-iest moms at camp. “I really thought 2019 was going to be her year. Who could have predicted she would have such a bad reaction to Botox and have to sit out the race last summer?”

“I really identify with the devastating disappointment America’s Olympians are feeling this week,” Silverberg-Goldberg says. She does point out that all the Olympians have to do is stay in peak physical condition and put the rest of their lives on hold until the rescheduled Games in 2021. Silverberg-Goldberg’s youngest, Mytchell, 16, was to be a CIT this summer so this was her last year of eligibility as her son will be a counselor without Visiting Day privileges next summer. 

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