Overpacked Camp Bags Shipped, Kids Now Naked Until Camp Begins

Jericho, LI (June 23, 2015) – She admits she went “a bit overboard” and “maybe overpacked” her boys trunks, but local mother, Andrea Fishbein, 41, is making no apologies when it comes to making sure her  boys are prepared for the summer of 2015.   But due to her overzealous packing job, twins, Jake and Jack, 11, have absolutely no clothing to wear until the start of camp on Saturday with the exception of a shared single Nike Elite sock.  The boys’ bags were shipped on Monday and they’ve been pretty much nude ever since.

The boys will be spending the next seven weeks at Camp Huron Lake, a rustic sprawling 253-acre paradise located in the Pocono Valley of Pennsylvania where average temperatures range from 60 to 85 degrees in the summer. In addition to every t-shirt, pair of shorts, and bathing suit the boys own, Mrs. Fishbein still thought it was important to send her boys up with their winter, spring, and fall wardrobes just in case the weather didn’t cooperate each and every day. Wool sweaters, Thinsulated gloves, and fleece-lined denims all found their way into each of the boys’ Duffel Bags.

As the shipping company arrived at her home, Fishbein ordered the boys to strip down to their birthday suits then stuff their clothes into the bags seconds before the bags were loaded onto the truck.  The boys retreated to their rooms to put on new duds but realized quickly that all of their clothes were gone.  “I freaked out at first,” explained Jack, “but then I just wrapped a towel around my waist and got on with my day.”

For the first few days the boys went through a difficult adjustment period as “hangouts” with friends took on a completely different meaning. Neighbor, Josh Gerber, 12, had plans with the boys for a few days this week but ended up cancelling after Tuesday’s get together. “We were doing some gymnastics and tumbling in the front yard and their towels kept flying around which was really awkward, then we tried flag football but obviously that was a huge mistake, so we tried to play tennis but the guys had no place to hold the balls. It was awful,” lamented Gerber. The family then spent the next several days at Fire Island’s nude-friendly Davis Park and Smith Point so the boys felt a bit less out of place.

For the bus ride up to camp on Saturday, the boys are planning on wearing a barrel with suspenders until they arrive on the shores of Camp Huron Lake.




Artist Rendering of Jake, Jack wearing barrel


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