Nationwide Camp Law Enacted: All Fleischmans to be Nicknamed “Fleisch”

New York, NY (July 12, 2019) – Yesterday, the American Camping Association (ACA) unanimously voted to approve the resolution that all boys attending sleepaway camp with the last name “Fleischman” or any variation of such name will immediately and automatically go by the nickname “Fleisch”.  Campers who fall under this law who already have a catchy non-Fleisch nickname will be forced to relinquish the nickname by week’s end.

While this new enactment seems a bit extreme, proponents of the measure believe it will finally bring uniformity to all Fleisch-related last names.  Everyone who has ever stepped foot on the grounds of a sleepaway camp know how important a camp nickname is.  It is very common for most campers to be known strictly by their last names, a variation of the last name with a “Y”-sound ending (i.e., “Schwartzy”, “Goldie”,”Weiny”), or by a shortened version of the last name plus an “S” at the end (i.e., “Grubes”, “Abes”, “Seids”). 

“Every camp has a Fleischman and I can’t think of one that is not nicknamed ‘Fleisch’ so we figured it would be easier to make it a rule so some Fleisch-named kids don’t get left out,” commented Jeremy Dickstein, President of the ACA, who was one of the few kids growing up at Camp Huron Lake who insisted on being called by his first name. “It’s been an unwritten rule for decades, so we decided just to put a stamp on it.”

Going forward, the following surnames will be subject to the new resolution:  Fleisch ,  Fleischack(er) ,  Fleischäcker ,  Fleischak(er) ,  Fleischäker ,  Fleischauer ,  Fleische(c)ker ,  Fleischenberg ,  Fleischer ,  Fleischfarb ,  Fleischhack ,  Fleischhacker ,  Fleischhäcker ,  Fleischhak(er) ,  Fleischhäker ,  Fleischhauer ,  Fleischhe(c)ker ,  Fleischher ,  Fleischherr ,  Fleischhorn ,  Fleischik  ,  Fleischner.

Next summer, the committee will be voting on standardizing nicknames for all surnames beginning with “Gold” but it is not expected to pass since it would likely be too confusing to have half the camping community with the same moniker. 

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