Mother of New Camper Loses 18 Pounds in 5 Days on Trips To/From Mailbox

Marlboro, NJ (July 5, 2014) – Jennifer Weinberg, mother of Camp Huron Lake camper Jake, 9, has lost a staggering eighteen pounds in just under five days since her son went away last Saturday. After years of dieting in hopes of losing that extra pregnancy weight, it seems all it took was 1,700 trips from her house to the mailbox and back in 67 hours.

Mrs. Weinberg, 40, and her husband, Jason, 41, a podiatrist, live in a 1990’s custom colonial in the exclusive Bellie Haire section of town.  Their beautiful brick-style mailbox, built last November after some local hooligans knocked their old one down during a Mischief Night rampage, is approximately 115 feet from the house from the front door and 90 feet from the side-entrance garage.   Additionally, the driveway slopes down at a thirteen degree angle making the walk back to the house slightly more taxing on Mrs. Weinberg’s calves.

Although the mail has typically arrived each day between 3:30 and 4:00 PM for the past decade or so, Jennifer began checking only minutes after her husband left for work at 8:35 AM Monday morning.  Thinking that maybe the US Postal Service decided to change their routes for the summer, Mrs. Weinberg, while eating her Greek yogurt breakfast, made her second trip to the mailbox at 8:41 followed by a third when a FedEx delivery van drove past the house.  A fourth trip ensued a few seconds after returning to the house when she mistook the churning of the washing machine for the sound of a mailbox opening and closing from a tenth of a mile away.  This scenario repeated itself until around 12:30 when she normally eats her NutriSystem lunch.  Too distracted to eat, Weinberg made more trips to the mailbox at the sound of a dog barking, a bicycle bell ringing, and a car whizzing by.  After nearly 550 round trips, her local USPS mail carrier, Jim Henderson, finally arrived with a ValPak, two credit card solicitations, and a bank statement.

Even after the mail had arrived, she didn’t stop checking.  “I thought maybe Jake’s letter was delivered to a neighbor accidentally and someone came by to put it in our mailbox,” explained a sore-legged Weinberg.  “Maybe he sent something through UPS.  I doubt it but there’s always an outside chance he did.”

As Jake was meeting new friends, playing his favorite sports, and comfortably settling into his new home for the next seven weeks, Jennifer continued looking for any sign that the mail may have arrived over the next several days.  After three days of countless trips to the mailbox and eating very little, Mrs. Weinberg’s Lululemon yoga pants and sports tank seemed a bit loose.  “I’ve been trying to lose weight for years through dieting…Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, yada, yada, yada but I rarely exercised although I do love wearing Lulu so everyone thinks I work out.  But physically, I feel great after losing 18 pounds.  Mentally, I’m a wreck since I still haven’t heard from my Jake.”

Jason Weinberg is secretly hoping Jake does not write home until his wife is down to her honeymoon weight.  “I tried to convince her that mail is still delivered on July 4th and Sundays but I’m not sure if she bought that.”

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