Mall Parking Lot Newest Hot Spot for Family Portraits

Livingston, NJ (August 13, 2018) – Based on the recent surge of Facebook photo posts, it seems that the hottest place to take a family picture is in the parking lot of a mall or other commercial property.  While many families go into the mall to take such a picture, last weekend it was somehow determined by someone that the family picture would be taken in the parking lot with cars, people, and coach buses as a scenic backdrop for everyone’s new Facebook cover photo. The photos typically contain hashtags such as #reunitedanditfeelssogood, #wholeagain, and #nomoreorgiestilnextjune and sentiments like “2 plus 2 equals family” and “Goldstein Five back together!”

Photography enthusiasts usually expect a family portrait to be taken in a rural, rustic background, up on the bema in one’s house of worship, or in a professional studio with proper lighting and a tasteful canvas backdrop.  It seems that posing in front of a Greyhound bus or in the middle of a parking lot filled with potholes, broken bottles, and other debris would be the last portrait any family would want to take but as long as the picture is generating dozens of “likes” and “gorgeous, just gorgeous” comments, the trend will probably continue for years, if not decades, to come.

Hardly anyone noticed that when the Grossbaums, a Camp Huron Lake family, posed for their annual holiday picture, not only was there mass chaos ensuing behind them but eight-year old Lyndsey was stepping on what appeared to be a hypodermic needle in a rubber glove.  As the picture was snapped, friends regaled the reunited family by yelling things such as “THIS is a montage picture!” and “watch out before that bus backs into you!”

Industry experts have struggled to explain the increase of parking lot pictures this weekend and the last weekend in June.  “I’ve noticed that in the June pictures the parents look exhausted and the kids look excited,” mentioned Robert Rickman, Facebook Photo Manager.  “Then the pictures from this past weekend, the parents look relaxed, almost reborn and the kids have a lot of hair.”

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