Lake Accidentally Drained During Bucket Brigade

Lake Huron, PA (Aug 10, 2014) – A typo on the Color War Bucket Brigade rules made by Camp Huron Lake secretary Diane Abraham led to an unbelievably unfortunate event yesterday morning as Huron Lake was accidentally drained.  Instead of the rules calling for each team to fill up one garbage can with lake water, Abraham, while taking a call from a mother concerned that her son was wearing the same shirt five days in a row, accidentally held down the “1” key on her keyboard and erroneously entered the number “111,111”.

The Bucket Brigade is a competition where several members of each team are stationed in the lake filling up buckets of water to pass down a line of team members who then dump any remaining water into a designated receptacle. The person who empties the bucket then sprints back to the lake with the bucket to fill up again.

“All campers know the rules are the rules and in order for Color War to be fair, those rules must be followed,” remarked Camp Director Marty Feldstein.   After a grueling 22 hours, the Red Twizzlers finally defeated the Yellow Starbursts to gain a valuable five points in the competition to cut the overall deficit to 1,245 points.

The garbage cans filled with water were then dumped away from the lake flooding farm land and several houses.  Tomorrow, Feldstein plans on turning the empty lake into a 220,000 square foot Gaga Pit.

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