Carroll Supposedly Had Patriots 8, Seahawks 4 in Office Box Pool

 Glendale, AZ (Feb 1, 2015) – It was an ending for the ages in Super Bowl lore.  With three shots from the goal line with less than thirty seconds left down by four points, the Seattle Seahawks were on the verge of winning back to back Championships. The makings of a dynasty were a mere 36 inches away.  With a running back nicknamed “Beast Mode” who had punished the New England Patriots defense for the past three hours getting ready to cement his MVP performance with a game winning touchdown, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll opted to dial up a pass play in a crowded sea of defenders.  The second seldom used cornerback Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass, Carroll felt a huge wave of euphoria.

Carroll would have to explain himself to his team, the media, and millions of Seahawks fans around the world.  “Yes, I’m disappointed we lost the game but we do a boxes pool in the office and I had Patriots 8, Seahawks 4.  Last year I lost to this bitch Phyllis from marketing and this year she already won $25 for the halftime score and her other boxes were Patriots 8, Seahawks 1.  There was no way she was going to be able to rub in another $75 win in my face for the next year.”

“I thought about kicking a quick field goal to make it 28-27 then go for an onside kick, hopefully recover, then throw a Hail Mary, kick the extra point to make it 34-28 so I would still win the pool,” Carroll lamented.


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