Area Mother Just Purchased Labeldaddy Labels to Stop Losing Her Children’s Clothing and Accessories

Livingston, NJ (March 25) – Area mother, Jennifer Goldstein, 42, just seconds ago purchased Labels from Labeldaddy to stop losing her children’s clothing and, more importantly, accessories.  Apparently not too embarrassed to let all of her friends and acquaintances on Facebook know that she is constantly losing her children’s clothing and accessories, Mrs. Weinberg bragged about her $50 purchase to all her friends who haven’t already blocked her account.  She made it abundantly clear through her post that she, not her children, was the one losing the clothing and accessories.

For years, Goldstein, mother of an 11 year-old boy, Jake, and a 9 year-old girl, Madysyn, has continually lost her kids’ clothing and accessories at an alarming rate.  Last year alone, she lost over $17,000 worth of clothing and accessories just within her home.  Under Armor sweatshirts, NFL Jerseys, Sugar Lips tanks and Flowers by Zoe airbrushed t-shirts and hundreds of other items (and accessories) have “mysteriously disappeared” since none of these were ever properly labeled.  But now that she has purchased the “Deluxe Pack” from Labeldaddy all of her troubles losing her children’s clothing and accessories will soon be a thing of the past.

“I’ll clean the kids’ clothes and accessories and leave it in the laundry basket to put away right after I get home from the gym and lunch.  When I get back I sometimes forget what I did with the clothes and accessories and never find them again. They’re just gone,” explained a frustrated Goldstein.  “I truly believe with these labels on the clothing and accessories, I’ll be able to locate the clothing and be able to identify exactly who it belongs to.”

The new labels have arrived just in time for Goldstein as she normally packs her children’s camp duffel bags in early April.  The past few summers she’s used a Sharpie and iron-on labels for her children’s clothing and accessories but these methods provided little to deter the loss of said children’s clothing and accessories.  Duffel bags full of brand new overly expensive camp clothing have come back nearly empty in the past.  One theory is that Jake, an Inter camper at Camp Huron Lake, has two other Jake Goldsteins in his bunk who claim his clothing and accessories as their own while Madysyn shares the same name with one other bunkmate who spells her name with two middle y’s, “Madyysyn”, which still confuses much of the foreign camp staff as to which clothing belongs to whom.

Merrick, Long Island’s Melissa Goldstein, mother to one of the other Jake Goldsteins, was not too happy about Jennifer’s braggadocious Facebook positng.  “I’ve been sending my Jake with crap from Target and Walmart and some Kirkland brand clothes every summer and he comes home with a ton of great new stuff.  I’m going to have to find out what color and logo she got for her son’s labels, and I’ll order the same.  I figure a $50 investment in labels is worth a few grand in clothing and of course, accessories, every summer.”

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