Brooklyn Hayman’s Mom Is Not Happy About Her Camp Labels


Roslyn, NY (June 17, 2019) –Alison Hayman is apparently not very pleased with the work of local overpriced camp store Krap 4 Kamp for completely botching the labeling on all of her daughter Brooklyn’s belongings.  Despite the fact that she was the first to schedule an appointment for the summer of 2019, her experience with the new camp store could not have gone worse.  The fourteen year-old precocious Super Senior Camper-to-be will unfortunately be sporting clothing and using towels labeled “Broken Hymen” instead of “Brooklyn Hayman” due to a disastrous spellcheck snafu.

The misprinted label that has caused hours of anger and frustration for the Hayman family.

A seemingly late bloomer, Hayman grew four inches since last summer and started to take notice of the opposite sex so her mother decided it would be time to get some new camp clothing, linens, and bedding to more properly reflect that she would be leaving her Sponge Bob sleeping bag and Disney-themed clothes in the rearview mirror.  After picking out dozens of articles of clothing, a new bed in a bag, and a more adult shower caddy, Lyndsey, the new sales associate, benignly mentioned that name labels can be sewn into all of her purchases at just an additional dollar per item. Because Mrs. Hayman would be busy packing her other daughter, the label option seemed to be a small drop in the bucket compared to the time she would be saving by not having to awkwardly use a Sharpie on stretched out shirt collars and the bottom of socks.

Upon picking up Brooklyn’s new camp effects, Alison could not believe her eyes when seeing the two new duffel bags embroidered with Brooklyn’s new camp moniker.  Stitched in hot pink against the black fabric on both of her new bags, her misspelled name seemed to catch the eyes of the dozens of patrons buying last minute items at Krap 4 Kamp.  More than a few were quick with their phone cameras to make sure to capture the fiasco to share on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Although the store offered the Haymans a full refund for the labeling error, they could not guarantee any of the items would be ready for the start of camp only a few days away.  The labels, sewn into the garments using a Juki DNU-1541-7 Single Needle Lockstitch machine, would potentially take weeks to replace given the meticulous stitch work of the overseas factory workers.

“I honestly don’t know what to do,” lamented Mrs. Hayman, “Brooklyn’s at an age where girls can be very catty.  And god forbid, the boys find out.  They probably had sex ed instead of gym one marking period this school year!”

Hayman’s husband, Jonathan, is just thankful that they chose labeling stickers from a reputable online vendor for his younger daughter, Sherry, whose name would spellcheck to an equally catastrophic result.

“I’ll deal with the stickers falling off then adhering to the insides of the washer and dryer until the end of time,” remarked Mr. Hayman, who lost the battle fourteen years ago to give his daughter a more conventional name like Katie.

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