Local Couple’s Foyer Undergoes Massive Makeover for Duffel Bag Pictures

West Orange, NJ (June 15, 2015) –After a year of only seventeen likes and one comment on her obligatory camp Duffel Bag picture, Jenny Silverstein, 42, decided this year’s photo would stand out among the throngs of Duffel bag pictures by completely remodeling the foyer to give the bags the background they deserve.  Silverstein, who has made a trip to Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond every day for the past three weeks to get last minute camp supplies, was very upset by the lack of interest from her 1,947 Facebook friends/acquaintances after posting then re-posting last year’s Duffel bag photo.

In order to drum up more “Likes” and comments from her nearly one ton of friends, instead of using a friend’s center hallway for the pictures, Silverstein and her husband, Josh, 43, are completing a giant overhaul of the main entryway to their home.  This area of the home signifies the final resting spot of the four Duffel bags before they are picked up for transport to Camp Huron Lake.  The two navy blue monogrammed bags belonging to son, Jake, 13, will be accented by imported Italian quartz pebble mosaic tiles.  The fine high-gloss finish of these tiles will perfectly complement the muted navy yet bring out the neon yellow “JAKE S” on each bag.

For the pink bags belonging to her daughter, Dylyn, 11, Silverstein decided to use new Herman Van Peer wallpapering along with a hand-signed Jackson Pollack reproduction as a perfect background.  By combining the $7,500 limited piece of art along with the $12,200 custom wallpaper, Silverstein believes the pink bags will garner hundreds of “Likes” and/or comments within minutes of her posting.

Tropical Voyage

Sparing no expense too great or ridiculous, Silverstein has also hired a professional lighting consultant along with a still photographer to ensure a quality photograph. “Last year was my worst nightmare.  I posted the pictures and nothing.  The only comment was from my mother and it was ‘Have fun kids write to grammy I’ll call you later honey’”, Silverstein lamented.  “The pictures only got “Likes” after I liked other people’s Duffel bag pictures.”

For most mothers of children attending sleepaway camp, the obligatory Duffel bag picture represents that not only in a few short weeks their children will be leaving for the summer but more importantly, as mothers, they were able to pack several bags full of clothing, towels and other assorted crap they probably won’t need.

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