Father Spends Waaaay Too Much Time Talking to Daughter’s Counselor on Visiting Day


Huron Lake, PA (July 30, 2019) – Doug Bernstein, father of Junior Girl Abigayle, spent the majority of Visiting Day chatting up his daughter’s incredibly attractive counselor instead of doting on his child who he has not seen in a month.  The counselor, a twenty-year-old British physical therapy student who was hired through Camp America (name being withheld for legal purposes), answered approximately eighty or so questions from the creepy 45-year-old IT Manager, very few of which related to his daughter. 

As other parents sprinted to then hugged their children, Bernstein casually said hello to his daughter then made a bee-line to the counselor he had noticed while perusing pictures on Camp Minder the past four weeks.  After initially questioning the counselor with vague inquiries such as “How’s my daughter?”, “Everyone good?” and “Wow, you’re in great shape.  Are those real?”, Bernstein peppered the not-yet-legal-drinking-age caretaker with more personal questions pertaining to her family, career aspirations, and plans for travel after camp all while Abigayle tugged away at his shirt vying for attention.  The counselor walked away briefly to talk to another parent while Bernstein robotically patted his daughter on the head and continued to follow the young lady as she ambled across the bunk.

Bernstein’s wife Allyson then began talking to the insanely hot counselor which gave Bernstein another opportunity to talk to her while staring into her deep greenish blue eyes.  Allyson seemed deeply concerned about her daughter’s intra-bunk relationships as well as her daily hygiene routine.  The comment about her hygiene opened up the door for Bernstein to ask questions about the shower house and whether the counselor performs a supervisory role in a clothed or unclothed manner much to the embarrassment of his wife.

“I don’t know what the hell is wrong with him.  He’s waiting in line behind a bunch of other fathers just to ask the same questions he could ask the counselor over there, the one with the yellow and brown teeth,” complained Allyson.  “He hasn’t even seen our son in Bunk 29 yet and Visiting Day is nearly over.”

After patiently waiting his turn, Bernstein offered the ridiculously gorgeous stunner a job at his company after her graduation although his IT Department typically does not hire physical therapists.  He then offered to house her for a week or two to relax before she travels south with some other Camp America staff.  Despite her refusal, Bernstein let her know the offer stands in case she changes her mind.  

The negligent father eventually was able to grab a few minutes with his son Tyyler before the ending bugle sounded but spent the entire time telling him just how hot his sister’s counselor is.

“I know.  I know. My counselor is dating her,” responded Tyler which caused Bernstein to inundate the male counselor with dozens of inappropriate inquiries regarding their relationship while his wife tried to pry him away to return to their car.  

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