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  1. This is like the Jewish Camp version of “The Onion”

    Good stuff!!

  2. This is ridiculous
    I pack 6 bags for my three kids by myself. No nanny. No help. I’m embarrassed for her. Pathetic

  3. Hi! Someone just directed me to your site. Very funny stuff! I have a sleepaway camp parents FB group with over 400 people in it and have featured two of your articles. (I actually thought it was just the one about the visiting day/fb posting but realized that you also wrote about the article about the goose chase for vd things! ) Would love to invite you to the group — assuming you have kids at camp. Would you like to collaborate with something? Is this your platform. Do u just write about sleepaway camp.

  4. I can’t stop laughing!!! So, so, so funny!

  5. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years but am always too exhausted after I write my nightly sanitized parent-friendly blog! Thanks so much for doing this – gave me a much needed laugh and perspective check in the midst of my 5th week slump:)

  6. Hi there! How are you? It is almost that time of year again and I am hoping you plan on continuing your incredible newsletters focused on sleepaway camp! I would love to feature all of your newsletters in my FB group Live 10 for 2, for Parents too. Would you like to post them yourself? I would love to add you to the group. Can probably find more followers in there as well. I assuming you are a sleepaway camp parent?

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