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6 Oreos Now Worth 4 Days of Bedmaking, 3 days of Bunk Sweep

Up from 2 days of Outside Lines, 1 day Bathroom in 2012 Huron, Pa (Aug 7) – Proving that nothing is immune to the downtrodden US economy, Camp Huron Lake is reporting massive inflation in the camp equivalent of Oreos, Archie Comics, and other camp staples.  Oreos and other cookies and crackers have spiked in bartering price over the past three weeks to record highs. Camps up and down the east coast have all been reporting widespread inflation and it…

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Camps Urge Campers to Keep Gaga a Secret

“Can’t us Jews be good at something?” laments one director Huron, Pa (Aug 7) – For each of the past seven summers, Camp Huron Lake (CHL) has seen a dramatic rise in enrollment since introducing popular Israeli sport sensation Gaga.  Played in a fifteen foot wide octagon, Gaga has established itself as the most popular “sport” in nearly every Jewish camp from the Poconos to the Berkshires. Several key factors point to the popularity of Gaga among Jewish campers.  Catching…